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Lakemount’s History

A short history of Lakemount’s heritage

Grimsby Park


In 1859 people began to gather on the shores of Lake Ontario to worship God. They came by thousands on horse and buggy expecting to hear the voice of God, to be strengthened for the year ahead, to enjoy each others fellowship, and to engage with their Heavenly Father in worship. The camp meetings were so well received, people overjoyed from meeting with God, the Fathers of Grimsby Ontario Methodist Campground decided to host camp at the end of August in Grimsby Beach for the next 16 years.

August 1859

Ontario Methodist Campground


No longer just meeting for 10 days at the end of August, the camp was now open all summer long. 50 or so gingerbread cottages sprung up over the winter. Over the course of the next few years, things looked alot different, but the people's main desire was still to join together to worship God. A pier was extended past the shoreline to welcome ferries from Toronto, Hamilton and Port Dalhousie, later a train station was added to aid people's arrival to the park. Stores serviced all needs, hotels were built to accommodate the growing crowds of people. Grimsby Beach was an exciting place to be.

July 1875

Grimsby Park Temple


Noah Phelps (the Father of Grimsby Beach) was inspired by the temple at Salt Lake City in Utah, he dreamt that something of this magnitude could be built in Grimsby to glorify God. This new temple was a 37-meter diameter circular building with a central dome that topped out at 30 meters, from there you could see Toronto. Capacity was roughly around 5000. Overtime it fell into disrepair and had to be demolished in 1922.

July 1888 — July 1922

Vineland Pentecostal Church


Our mother church (now called Twenty Valley Community Church) had its beginning in 1908 after a few families, members of the “Mennonite Brethren in Christ” church in Vineland, attended the Hebden Mission in Toronto where they heard the Pentecostal message. Prayer meetings took place in homes until Mr. David Fretz, who owned an old schoolhouse, offered its use as a mission.

January 1908

Grimsby Pentecostal Church is born


After many prayer meetings and a children's bible school Vineland Pentecostal Church recognized a new Grimsby Branch of their church led by Rev. Alf Cowell. Sunday Services began at Lakeview Public School on October 3, 1965.

August 1965

Purchase of Grimsby Baptist Church


With the desire to win souls for Jesus Christ and to preach a full gospel message in the town of Grimsby, GPC purchased the Baptist church on the corner of Elm and Mountain St (now Different Strokes Billiards). We worshipped together there until 1988 when the repairs to the building became too costly to maintain.

July 1967

North Service Rd. Land purchased


Many parishioners came together to help with the building of 54 North Service Rd.

January 1988


Pastor Terry Bone, feeling dry and needing something more, heard about Renewal meetings happening at Toronto Airport Church. He attended several meetings there and experienced the life-changing presence of Jesus Christ in his life. The power of God descended on Lakemount during an annual picnic planning meeting and Lakemount was never the same. Lives were being changed and hearts were stirred for more of the presence of God. Leadership decided that the presence of God was worth going after even if it cost them reputation and half of the congregation. God was faithful, Holy Spirit kept visiting meeting after meeting and the church steadily grew.

April 1994

Decision to Build


After several years of looking for property, Lakemount Staff, Board & Elders made a unanimous decision to enlarge the place of our dwelling (Is 54:2) and expand our current building. Space was tight! Over 600 people were gathering each Sunday to worship together, to experience the presence of God, to be encouraged by one another and we needed more room. A capital campaign was launched in 2010 and over 1 million dollars was pledged over the course of the following 3 years to expand the building.

October 2009

Grand Opening of New Facility


September 15th we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new facility fully expecting that the presence of God will continue to go before us.

September 2013

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