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Jim’s Story

Jim’s and my journey started on Feb 22, 2015. They thought at first Jim had a heart attack but after testing it was revealed he also had a tumor in his colon with tumors spreading to his liver and lymph nodes.

On March 10, 2015 he had a triple bypass done in Hamilton, and although we were told he not might survive the surgery, he came through with flying colors and was home in five days.

After Jim’s illness I knew I needed to turn back to God for help and guidance and started going to Lakemount in late Feb and early March.

From the very beginning I was welcomed and couldn’t believe that people I never knew were willing to pray for us and made me feel welcome and loved and the outpouring of compassion and sincere concern for my family was overwhelming.

Now I couldn’t wait for Sunday to come and rebuild my faith and spirit. As I started listening to Pastors Matt’s word I chose to never feel pity and never question why this was happening to us. Pastor Matt and the people in church made me realize that God had a purpose and a journey for us we must take and there is a reason for it.

We were told that Jim was full of cancer and that the only outcome would be death. With chemo they were hoping to give him 6 months to a few years. They said he couldn’t be cured but that chemo would give him some time. That was 8 months ago!

In Aug and we were told that after 6 treatments the chemo treatment hadn’t been working and that there was considerable growth of the existing tumors and it had spread to his stomach. We decided to go to a stronger chemo and check again in 6 weeks to make decisions on the course of his treatment.

In the mean time I continued to go to church and had people pray with me asking for God’s help. Jim had his next cat scan and the Sunday before his results I was so nervous and after talking to a few people they sat and prayed for me and put me at peace to accept the results.

The Dr came in and shaking his head said he never thought he would say this but the new scan showed no new growth and he and the radiologist couldn’t believe that there was actual small shrinkage in some of the tumors in the stomach and liver. Plus the protein build up around liver had been reduced by half. They said this was great news but that to be careful getting our hopes up because they know that in these cases the outlook is bleak.

Jim and I left the clinic knowing in our hearts that Lakemount’s prayers and ours were being heard. We knew God’s power was being shown. With Jim’s positive attitude to beat this and my renewed faith in God we prayed that the doctors are going to see a miracle happen.

I’m starting to believe this journey God is taking us on is to spread the word and that just because the drs say theres no hope, that your belief in God and His power, and with faith and prayer, you can overcome anything.

I don’t know the ending of this journey yet but what I do know is that I cant take it alone and that Lakemount and the people that go there are truly amazing honest people and their love of God is amazing to see.

God Bless
Lillian Book

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