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Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is our expression of visionary giving for whats next beyond our regular tithes and offerings. We believe everybody at Lakemount needs to have a plan, a vision and dream for their giving.

The tithe is our obedience. Our Offering is our gift. Kingdom Builders is our planned generosity


A Plan

What you can give over your tithe, like bill payment. You can do it. Work the plan

A Vision

If God stepped in and provided supernaturally, what would you give then?

A Dream

If God exceeded your wildest dream, what would that be?



Evangelism Grants  $500 each (up to 100 in 2019)  $500-$50,000

We want to encourage the Life Groups at Lakemount to identify and meet a need in their local communities in the love of Jesus.  We want to facilitate the heart of evangelism at a local level in our church body. Whether it’s blessing a neighbour who’s experienced a sudden sudden loss or maybe they are between jobs; perhaps there’s a new baby being born or a local park or school needs to be cleaned up. We want to band together to bless and love our community in a tangible way.

Fill out an application form and our mission subcommittee will review it.  If approved, your group can be involved in demonstrating the love of God to our community.  We want to turn God’s people at Lakemount loose in evangelism.




Canada Day Community Outreach    $15,000

This years Canada Day Celebration will be next level.  We’re thankful to be a part of our community and a part of this great nation.  We want to provide a family-friendly event for the community to show our Canadian pride while at the same time introducing the neighbourhood to the family of God at Lakemount.


Brock University Outreach $2500

Brock has a student population of almost 20,000 people.  We are going to participate at this years frosh week by providing snacks and inviting these students to join us every Sunday for worship and every Monday night for Lakemount Young Adults.


Bus $60,000

We rent a bus at least 1-2 times a month to help facilitate transportation needs represented by the regular ministry of Lakemount.  We currently send a van to pick up students at Brock each week, but a bus would result in greater possible participation.

In Summer 2019 we will be offering 4 weeks of Vacation Bible School. The Good News of Jesus will be preached. We could begin in the Fall of 2019 to pick-up kids on Sunday mornings with hopes of seeing entire families come into the joy of spiritual family here at Lakemount.


Church incubation and partnership ($1500/month) $18,000/year

We have friends in Alberta, Quebec and in the Maritimes who have recently launched churches.  We will come alongside these local churches and leaders to help them build their teams with excellence and skill.  We believe in local churches thriving all across our nation.


Mission partners BIG vision projects – TBD by scope/size and Missions committee

Our Mission Partners send us ministry prospectus’ that reach beyond their annual budget. These visionary initiatives are things like after-school programs, transportation needs, social programs, building projects and emergency response.  We want to say “yes” to these plans and help them launch now, not later.




Expansion mandate  $350,000

There is an expansion mandate over this House as we continue to experience growth on every level. Our heart is that the larger we grow the smaller we feel and we want to make sure that people are making meaningful connections in the house.

We have carefully investigated every possible option for increasing parking capacity at our current location.  There is currently no financially responsible option to expand on site.

We need to start thinking as a church family about how we can multiply here and beyond. We need more room for what God is pouring out.  We are prayerfully considering what this means for our next steps.


Music studio upgrade  $20,000  Worship Recording   $10,000

God has placed a worship anointing on this church family.  We have many worship leaders and songwriters who are faithfully writing and releasing new songs.  Songs that connect worshipers in a local church context that are filled with good theology and sound doctrine draw us closer to the heart of the Lord.  It’s time for our songs to be recorded and released.



LMI Scholarships  $3600/intern

Each year we have some interested people who desire to participate in the Lakemount Ministry Internship but the financial commitment is beyond their reach. We want to come alongside those who want to go to the next level in their discipleship and leadership development in serving the House of the Lord.  Our leadership pipeline is a vital expression of Kingdom growth.  These scholarships will help us continue to develop leaders with a lifelong passion for the Presence of God and their local church.


Pastors Camp  $75,000 (2020 launch)

It is so helpful and life-giving for Pastors to be able to get away with their families and be ministered to.  Pastors give out all the time.  Pastors Camp is a way that we can strengthen churches for and help pastors maintain spiritual health and ministerial longevity. Also, ministry to teenage and elementary school aged Pastors kids is vital to their unique needs as families of called and anointed leaders.  We want to strengthen churches and leaders to see them refreshed and refuelled in order to continue to make a difference in our nation.


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