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“All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing” Colossians 1:6

Our Mission Statement is to connect people to the life changing Presence of Jesus Christ. In Missions we do this through TOUCHING and GOING.  As a church we partner with over 30 Global Workers, projects and ministries.



Our goal is to declare the relentless goodness of God to our City, Region and Nation.

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This World needs what is on your life! Consider being a part of one of our Short-Term Missions trips in 2019

Testimony from Dominican Republic All Family Mission Team Member

“The biggest eye opener for me was the fact that people who have very little in the DR are much happier than those who have everything back home. It really puts life into perspective and makes you grateful for what you have. On top of that, the people from the DR have such pure faith in Jesus. In the Bible it mentions that we must become like little children when we praise God, meaning that we must worship Him similar to the way that a child needs their father – We were so blessed to be a part of their worship in the villages and it was so beautiful. I’ve learned so much from these beautiful people and it’s allowed me to grow my walk in faith with Jesus to the next level.” – Lucas Spagnuolo


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