Protocol for the Giving and Receiving of Spoken Prophetic Words

1. To the “Givers” – Prophecy is one of the nine gifts listed in 1 Cor. 12:8-11. Its purpose is to stir-up, lift-up and cheer-up. It should be: Christ glorifying and Christ honouring; communicated in a gracious, loving and humble manner; released in proportion to our faith; line up with the scriptures; generally confirm what God is already speaking to the receiver.

2. To the “Receivers” – Biblical, anointed prophetic ministry will bring with it blessing and increase. It should pass all of the characteristics above and be: received from those affirmed and released by the Pastors and Eldership of our local church to do so; judged against the Word, previous direction of the Lord in one’s life and wise counsel.

(1 Thes. 5:20,21) . (i.e. It should rarely reveal new direction and the content should be weighed carefully.)

During worship, prophetic words may be submitted to any staff member seated in the front area of the church. Please do not bring it directly to Pastor Matt as he will be giving full attention to discerning the flow of the service. When you bring it to staff, a number of procedures may ensue –

You will be asked to write out the word to be discerned or published at a later date.It may be released to an individual or group including the Church Leadership.It may be released in whole or in part by the individual leading the meeting.In some cases you may be asked to release the word during the service.

Following each corporate gathering at Lakemount, we have a designated ministry team, identified with Ministry Team badges, as well as staff members who would be glad to come along side if you have been invited to receive a prophetic word from someone in the congregation. Our desire is that prayer and prophetic words find release within the setting of the church building where ministry team are available for assistance and discernment.

The email is always available for any written prophetic insights, scriptures, visions, revelation, etc. We welcome the strengthening of the body through this area of gifting.