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“She’s a whole new person.” I asked her if her name was Ella. Yes it was. Ella! Healed, transformed into a whole new person! Thank you, Jesus!

Awhile back this lady came into the health food store I work at with her grand daughter. The unusual thing was that the little girl wept through the entire shopping trip. Not a bratty I-want-candy kind of thing. It was the kind of cry where your heart broke and the tears just came. There’s no sound, no chest heaving, the tears just pour out. That was this girl. She silently cried following her grandma around the store. I just wanted to hug her and take away whatever was grieving her.

Her grandmother brought her over to the supplements and explained that her granddaughter, Ella could barely attend school because she cried so much. The doctors had diagnosed her at 7 years old with an anxiety disorder. The grandma was hoping that something we sold would prevent her from going on medication. “Righteous indignation” rose up in me when she said that. I knew the label “Anxiety Disorder” would stick with that young girl her whole life. It would shape her, it would shape her interactions with people, it would lead her down a road of heavy medication, possible drug addiction, maybe even suicide. I felt God speak to me and say that, “They see weakness, I see strength”. He told me that she was sensitive and could feel the feelings of all those around her. That He gave her a gift of compassion. I felt such an urgency to pray for her and tell her what God sees. It seemed inappropriate with my coworkers standing there. I didn’t kn ow how the grandma would feel. What if I just silently prayed for her? We did our best and recommended the supplements that we thought would help and they proceeded to cash. I saw them cash out. I saw them gather their purchases. I saw them walk out the door. The whole time, I couldn’t shake it, I need to pray for her. I left my desk and followed them outside.

“Excuse me, can I pray for her?”

The grandma said yes. I bent down and looked into that tear stained face and told that girl that she is strong and special. That she is sensitive because God gave her a gift of compassion. I told her that whenever she feels overwhelmed by the sadness that she just needs to tell Jesus and he will help her. Then I prayed, the grandma thanked me and they left.

I would think about Ella and pray for her sometimes. I would think about how great it would be to know if she’s doing better.

Weeks later a woman came in looking for flu medicine for a child. I showed her some products and she exclaimed that she loves homeopathic medicine because of what it did for her granddaughter. She explained that her granddaughter used to miss a lot of school because of anxiety but this year she hasn’t missed any, “She’s a whole new person.” I asked her if her name was Ella. Yes it was.
Ella! Healed, transformed into a whole new person! Thank you, Jesus!

Between Ella and I we know why she’s healed. God loves children and can speak to them so easily. I have no doubt that he’s begun a relationship with her.
I’ve been so impressed by God’s great love for people and how he needs us to be his hands, feet, voice. What if I hadn’t prayed for Ella that day?

Trina Hill



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